Grow Business with Customer Messages 

Customer engagement continues to rapidly evolve and CKREU wants to help you keep up with the latest trends to attract more business.   Your Google Business profile is already packed with features to help you easily interact and have conversations with your customers.  By turning on the “Chat” button on your profile, customers can easily send you a question or message in real-time.   We can help break down how this feature can help you as a business owner, assist your customers seeking answers, and attract new customers at the same time.

How it works

The Chat feature sends notifications to your Business Profile, prompting you to reply.

A customizable message can be created to initially respond, giving you a bit of time to gather the information and message the customer back.

You will have the ability to share product photos in your messages.

You can also tap multiple members of your business to have access to your account in order to easily manage the communication requests.  This is a great way to hand this responsibility to someone else and free up your time for other initiatives.

You also have the ability to store and keep these messages as references for troubleshooting.  Conversely, you can also delete them, but remember that it only deletes from your devices and the customer can still access them.

The Breakdown

It comes down to keeping up with the trends and the future of customer engagement.  If you’re not utilizing these online chat features, you’re allowing your competition to have an advantage. It’s a simple and easy way to keep your business up-to-date with online presence and provides a faster way for customers to find the information they seek.  It’s also a service you can easily add if your GMB listing is already being managed by CKREU.


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